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    November 02, 2007



    Not quite sure why you would want to install another sidebar and slug down your system - there are plenty of lottery programs out there which just email the results to your inbox - see for example:


    @Rich: That's actually a spam link to a e-lottery pyramid scheme site. So I don't think your comment is legitimate.

    However, in case anyone is wondering the same thing, the Vista Sidebar does not slow down your PC. It is a standard feature installed on all versions of Vista. Sidebar gadgets provide instant access to precisely the information the user is looking for, as opposed to filtering through hoards of spam e-mails to hopefully get the one they're looking for -- if it wasn't put in the bulk mail folder.

    There is no comparison in terms of how quickly you get the info you want. With a gadget, the information arrives within a minute or two of publication, and the information is presented to the user without asking. With e-mail, results often arrives long after the drawing, and a user has to open e-mail and seek them out.

    By the way, I'd strongly recommend staying away from those e-lottery "syndicates", A.K.A. "VWD". They make it sound like you're going to get rich, but you won't. The organisers of VWD and e-lottery make money, but all the lower-level recruits get stuck working hard for nothing of value. If you want to win the lottery, go to the store and buy a ticket.

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