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    January 08, 2008


    MP3 Players

    I somehow do not think that there can be any competition with Blu-Ray with its wonderfully advanced features.

    Cheap Computers Canada

    I think it has turned the age of blue things from blue rays to blue tooth we may all start getting blue too.

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    What is the purpose of war?
    The wars year after year, day by day kill many people. There should be a way we have more peace in Elmundo. People live in a world very nice and we have to care.

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    The game NBA 2K8 for Xbox 360 is the best basketball game year after year. At least I am told. I play this game for a bit year after year and always have a hard time getting into it cause the controls are a smidge too complicated. I am ok at the game, but always feel like I'm playing the game wrong. I went into this game with a clean slate and an open mind, and while the game seems more natural and realistic than ever before, I still feel like I'm struggling a but to get the game down.

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