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    April 22, 2008



    After CS published the report regarding 5 Tips, I replied with the following information: CS did not post my concerns with theirs, but I thought I would share them with your readers...

    The concerns above are great to think about, but always remember to think about how exactly you plan on using the stroller. If you live in an urban area, it might be more logical to consider purchsing two strollers: one to use outside over rough terrain, and the other to use in and out of your vehicle.

    The wheel size is connected with function. Remember, if the wheels are larger and pneumatic, it is going to be easier to push - especially over larger objects (in the park) or through snow and sand.
    Smaller, plastic wheels are fine on flat surfaces, in malls and stores while shopping, and for travel. It is not going to be practical to bring a large stroller with you across country for a short amount of time - especially when it may be lost or damaged in transit.
    Remember to look above the wheels when you are thinking of purchasing as well. Too much plastic, especially when the plastic is flimsy/brittle, may cause problems down the line - when your cild is heavier. Too much plastics may also be easily fractured while taking the stroller in and out of the trunk. Try to focus on strollers that have the least amount of plastic parts and pieces.

    The underseat bag is also an important aspect to think about: does the stroller company take the weight capacity of the underseat bag into consideration when publishing the stroller's capacity? Many stroller companies don't - and it may not be safe to have a large basket. Too much weight on the stroller's frame could cause the stroller to tip over or the fabric to rip.

    Always remember there are more than 5 areas to research, and the safest areas might not have anything to do with convenience.


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    Too much plastic, especially when the plastic is flimsy/brittle, may cause problems down the line - when your cild is heavier

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    After hearing people argue over the environmental costs of "paper"
    versus "plastic" during my lunch hour, I'd like to understand the
    relative environmental costs of plastic grocery store bags versus
    paper grocery store bags.

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