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    October 02, 2008


    Account Deleted

    I got the right info about hp dd880 battery on hp dd880 battery ,i sure it will fit my notebook .

    Account Deleted

    I got the right info about hp dd880 battery on hp dd880 battery ,i sure it will fit my notebook .


    Hello everyone, Welcome to the hp 500 battery , and cheap, where you definitely have an unexpected harvest!

    Used Refurbished Laptops

    Toshiba's Tecra R10 is a mainstream business laptop offering a comprehensive set of features plus a decent sized display, all while keeping the weight down to a reasonable level.

    Account Deleted

    Do want to own some betteries which have more function , more economical and long life? Please visit the following Web site: DELL XPS M2010 Battery ,it will help you find the ideal battery.

    Christopher Rath

    If you intend to use the 2730p in landscape slate mode, then do NOT buy it. The 2710p and 2730p both suffer from a problem where if you put the table into landscape that it spontaneously rotates back to portrait... all by itself. Neither device can be used in landscape slate mode; so, beware. HP is unable to resolve the problem.

    Christopher Rath

    I'm posting to retract my previous comment about the 2710 & 2730 spontaneously autorotating. HP has finally found a fix for the problem (it involves installing some old patches from 2007).

    Cheap Dell Tower

    I was wondering if you got those 6-6,5 hours in power saver mode with just the primary 6 cell battery, or with the 6-cell slice battery attached? I'm assuming just the primary, which means it's really good for a tablet pc.

    cheap computers

    They are great looking pieces, there is no doubt about that but I am also interested in their hardware. HP Laptops worth considering with or without this special "outfit".

    ipod accessories

    It is one good piece of engineering drawn to the perfection. HP has one of the best names in the field of computers and laptops and it is sure to remain as one of years to come with incredible engineering.

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