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    January 31, 2009


    Speed Server

    I would go with a Nikon in my opinion they are nicer.

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    Well, in my case, I'll go with Canon I am one of a user of it that's why I like it. Anyway, that's only my opinion. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!



    It is one good piece of engineering drawn to the perfection. Nikon has one of the best names in the field of photography, and cameras and it is sure to remain as one for the years to come with such incredibly engineered cameras.

    Andy Stockglausner

    I just moved into a new office and I have a studio that is about 16 feet deep. I am a photographer in San Diego and my primary business is as a youth sports and school photographer, but we just got the studio and are doing a lot more studio work. I'm thinking I should get a full frame camera, like the D700, but what is the best lens(s)? Do I get a prime lens? Right now I have 5 Fuji S5's, 2 S3's, 2 D200's and a couple of Canons. Do I need the D700 for just studio work? I love the video on the 5d but the Nikon seems to have a slight edge on some of the other features. I am thinking of renting the D700 and maybe the 5D for a weekend with a couple of lenses to see what they feel like in the studio. Any pointers?

    Jo smith

    I found this awesome clip. The video and stills were captured using a Nikon D3S!


    Nikon for the win haha!

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    The barrel distortion, typical for this class of lens, is kept under good control. Field flatness also is better than shown by most fast lenses. Image quality is quite good in fact at f/1.4 although some blue fringing can occur at high-contrast transitions, increases to f/2.8 accompanied by a rise in contrast and reduction of fringing, and really gets into its stride in the range f/4 to f/9 or so.


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